New Zealand Immigration from Qatar

Immigration to New Zealand from Qatar is now much more convenient as Stratix Consultants provide comprehensive immigration solutions in Qatar. New Zealand is a country made up of 3 islands, located in the South Pacific. New Zealand boasts a diverse natural scenery. People from all over the world, travel to NZ to experience its spectacular scenery and enjoy the vast range of outdoor activities. There are just over four million New Zealanders, and every single one is either an immigrant or descended from one. In fact, people from over 145 countries now call New Zealand home. It was the Mâori who first arrived here over 600 years ago, followed in the 19th century by large numbers of migrants from the United Kingdom. Being in the Southern Hemisphere, seasons in New Zealand are completely opposite to countries north of the equator. Winter lasts from June until August and summer is between December and February. Because New Zealand is surrounded by sea, the climate doesn’t get uncomfortably hot or unbearably cold in the areas where the majority of people live, although extremes can be found, particularly in the mountain ranges in winter. Overall, temperate climate ranges from 20–30°C (68–86°F) in summer, and from 5–15°C (41-59°F) in winter. There are 5 main metropolitan areas in New Zealand, with Auckland being the biggest city, having a population of just over 1.3 million inhabitants (almost 1/3 of the country’s population). Somewhat close to a one-third of the inhabitants are not native to the city. Auckland is a thriving multicultural environment with almost every cultural group represented and celebrated at various festivals throughout the year. New Zealand is a fantastic place to live, the climate is temperate, services are reliable, facilities are second to none and the education system is outstanding. People live here by choice. Just about everybody is only first or second generation, as it is still such a new country. A New Zealand passport holder gets visa free entry or a visa upon arrival in 168 countries