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UK Visa from Qatar

Stratix Consultants Qatar provides the services of immigration to UK from Qatar. The United Kingdom, consisting of Great Britain (England, Wales, and Scotland) and Northern Ireland, is twice the size of New York State. UK is the world’s sixth-largest economy and the third-largest in Europe, after Germany and France. It is also sixth major tourist destination in the world and London attracts the most international visitors each year. It has a long history as a major player in international affairs and fulfils an important role in the EU, the UN and the NATO. The UK is noted for its liberal, tolerant society and throughout history has been very successful in attracting migrants from all over the world. Such immigrants have contributed greatly to economic growth and with an increasingly aging population the demand for skilled immigrants is unlikely to diminish. The UK has one the finest and most congenial work cultures in the world. To many, obtaining British citizenship is the ultimate immigration goal and dream. There are, of course, many advantages to obtaining British citizenship, which include unrestricted entry to the UK; no work restrictions; receiving a British passport and enjoying the same benefits as a person born as a British citizen. Furthermore, obtaining British citizenship does not necessarily mean that you have to forfeit your current citizenship, as many countries allow their citizens to have dual citizenship. A British passport holder gets visa free entry or a visa upon arrival in 173 countries.